LOTEHAT #3… Learning Continuously!

Despite acknowledging 2012 as the year of the “NO!”, I am currently embarking on the LOTEHAT #3 Project for accomplished language teachers.  The word “accomplished” makes me giggle, as there are quite simply day when I feel as though I am wearing my L-plates and nothing seems to go right!  I hope that this feeling will one day be diminished but in the meantime, so much of what I do in the classroom surprises me and excites me.

As part of this project, I have decided to investigate the way in which students are responding to a gestured approach to language learning that we have implemented this year.  Dissatisfied with the old school textbook-centred approach, we have decided to through out our old curriculum in favour of an approach that is kinaesthetic, dynamic and communicative.  And thus far, it is working beautifully.