LOTEHAT #3… Learning Continuously!

Despite acknowledging 2012 as the year of the “NO!”, I am currently embarking on the LOTEHAT #3 Project for accomplished language teachers.  The word “accomplished” makes me giggle, as there are quite simply day when I feel as though I am wearing my L-plates and nothing seems to go right!  I hope that this feeling will one day be diminished but in the meantime, so much of what I do in the classroom surprises me and excites me.

As part of this project, I have decided to investigate the way in which students are responding to a gestured approach to language learning that we have implemented this year.  Dissatisfied with the old school textbook-centred approach, we have decided to through out our old curriculum in favour of an approach that is kinaesthetic, dynamic and communicative.  And thus far, it is working beautifully.




2 thoughts on “LOTEHAT #3… Learning Continuously!

  1. Curious, Cathy, what “Gestured approach” are you using? I use the Accelerative Integrated Method which uses gestures, drama, music, stories to teach French.

    • Hi Sylvia,
      I’m an AIM teacher too and love it! Jen McKinney was an amazing mentor to em when I graduated from uni and began teaching at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar. Now at a new school, I have just introduced AIM here for our year 7 & 8 students and have received some funding to do a research project on its effect in our school. I’ve been following you in twitter and have seen some of your stuff via Jen so it’s lovely to have contact with you at last.

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